Project Details: Jessamyn Rains

Website Design And Development


Jessamyn Rains




UI/UX Design
and Web Development

Softwear User

Adobe Photoshop


Jessamyn; an initiative spearheaded by Jessamyn Rains is an a talented individual living on Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I was tasked with the challenge of designing and developing a website that will have a creative yet sleek design along with the option to listen to her music tracks.

I created a creative yet sleek creative layout that ensured that Jessamyn’s music tracks were listed. I made it incredibly important that her fans and website visitors needed to listen to her tracks from her website.

“I can’t imagine a more perfect Website than the one that The Way Marketing designed and developed. I initially had thought it would be a challenge to make a website that will have a creative yet sleek also the ability to listen to my music tracks. But was surprised at how it came out with the help of The Way Marketing team. I’m glad that I decided to work with them and look forward to working with them again.”

Jessamyn Rains

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